Core Return Policy for Diesel Injectors


Many products such as turbos, injectors, injection pumps, high-pressure oil pumps, water pumps, and some EGR coolers have a core charge associated with the new replacement part.  You must return the old part to receive a refund on the core charge.  All cores must be like for like and include all parts and pieces that were received on your new replacement product. Cores must be “as removed from the engine.”  Cores damaged from fire are unacceptable; cores damaged from improper removal may not be acceptable.



We cannot ship your item until you take one of these steps:

1.- Call us at (951) 296 9496 and place a credit card on file for your CORE, or
2.- before buying your product, buy the CORE for your injector.

We only charge you if the old CORE is returned within 30 days of purchase. We will not accept injectors as suitable cores that have run waste vegetable oil or alternative fuels (including homemade veggies or biofuels).

We charge a core charge upfront on all remanufactured products, and you have 30 days to return the core. Once the core is returned, you will promptly receive a credit to your account on all acceptable cores (see below), usually within 24 hours of receipt of the core.

If a customer fails to return any core within 30 days of purchase, the customer agrees to a (minimal) $100 USD core charge per core, and the price will be precise by product type.

If, due to scheduling conflicts, installation of the new injectors will not occur in a reasonable amount of time, please CALL US at (951) 296 9496 or email us. We may, at our discretion, extend your 30-day core return window to better suit your installation schedule.



Customer returns cores in advance to avoid the core charge.  In-stock orders will ship immediately once cores are received.



All cores must be in re-buildable condition to receive a full refund of the core charge.  There are some conditions that you will not receive full credit; see the conditions below.  On these conditions, it is up to the manufacturer on the amount of credit issued.

  1. Fire damage
  2. Water damage
  3. Broken
  4. Disassembled
  5. Missing parts and/or pieces
  6. Core charge timeline
  7. Injectors returned to us, which are out of a salvage yard, injectors that have burns or are externally damaged, or injectors that have run waste oil, or homemade "bio" fuels, will NOT be suitable as cores.

If you have any questions regarding these restrictions on your core injectors, please don't hesitate to call us.

After 30 days: The credit card that we have on file will be charged for the amount of the CORE; if the CORE returns after 30 days, a full refund minus 10% and 25.00 late fees will be issued to the customer.

No CORE refund will be given after 60 days or will be purchased at what we pay for CORES.

Core Return Process

  • Please keep all original packaging of your new item to be used for the core return.
  • Drain all fluids: oil, fuel, etc., out of the core before it is returned.
  • Place any plastic plugs or caps received on the new item back onto the core.
  • To ensure UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS will not reject the package due to fuel or oil leakage, please put it inside and wrap it in a plastic garbage bag
  • Place the core inside the box.
  • If there was core return paperwork inside the box, please complete the form and send it back with the core.
  • To collect full core credit, please return cores within 30 days.
  • Cores must be in undamaged conditions when returned. If damage occurs during shipping due to poor packaging or other reasons, we reserve the right to prorate or forfeit a core refund at our discretion.
  • If cores return on time and undamaged, you will receive your core refund within one week via the method of your original purchase.
  • All core returns for core credit should be shipped to the address below. The buyer is responsible for all core shipping charges.

Please send the cores to:
California Diesel Manufacturing LLC
43114 Blackdeer Loop, Suite: F
Temecula, CA. 92590-3416  USA

  • INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: When sending the cores, ensure an invoice is included with a minimal value for customs purposes. ALL shipping documents must indicate the following: "USA-MADE INJECTORS BEING RETURNED FOR REPAIR AND RETURN, WITHOUT ANY COMMERCIAL VALUE. THE STATED VALUE IS FOR US CUSTOMS' PURPOSES ONLY." 
  • E-mail a copy of the invoice, packing slip, and airway bill once the package is picked up. Without a confirmed tracking number, we cannot guarantee your core refund.

*If, for any reason, you decide to return the part, DO NOT use the Core return label provided because it will be processed as a core.

Core Grade Levels

  • The injector is complete and works.
  • It does not have additional damage.
  • We accept the injector core as full core credit.


  • The injector assembly is complete, but at least one of the major components is damaged.
  • We could accept the injector core as partial core credit.


  • The injector unit is incomplete or assembled, and all major components are damaged.
  • Injector core not accepted for core credit